Welcome to Small & Green

At Small & Green we believe in the power of plants!  Having beautiful greenery in your home can lift your mood increasing your sense of wellbeing, making your home a happier and more productive space.

We stock easy to care for houseplants, cacti and succulents. We can help you to become the best plant parent you can be by providing care instructions with each plant and answering any of your plant queries via email or Instagram.  All of our lovely plants can be paired with a beautiful pot. We sell a wide range to suit all budgets from unique handmade ceramic or 3D printed pots to simple and stylish basket ones.

Come and visit us at 82 (that’s 82 Mill Road, Cambridge) or buy online. You can browse our collection and match your choice of plant with the perfect pot, or buy gift vouchers. We’d love to see you!

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