Maranta leuconeura var. fascinator has the most beautiful leaves, they look like they’ve been painted the colours are so bright!

It is a fabulous houseplant with many wonderful features. Its foliage folds up as if in prayer at night thus the nickname ‘Prayer Plant’.

It is easy to care for and likes filtered sun and trailing downwards either in a pot or in a hanging macramé planter (all the rage at the moment!).

It loves being misted daily and for the compost to be kept moist from spring to autumn, slightly drier in winter. It can be fed every 2 weeks from spring to autumn with a half-strength liquid fertilizer.

I have Maranta leuconeura var. fascinator in hanging baskets, in the lovely grey concrete pots that I sell and in ceramic pots all over the house.  I think they like a bit of company with other humid loving houseplants so grouping it together with a Rhipsalis, Begonia and a fern would really make it very happy!

Come and buy them all at my stall this Friday!

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