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Illustration by Lou Mills


Terrarium workshops at Turing Locke Hotel

We will be holding a workshop for the Turing Locke Hotel in Eddington. The workshop is free for guests of the hotel and can be booked at their reception. Cost to non-residents is £55 per person and booking is via the link below which takes you to the eventbrite page.

You will be making a 17cm diameter glass terrarium with cork lid.

Event details

The workshop will start with a short introduction on the history of the terrarium and how they work as mini ecosystems. We will show you a range of plants that are suitable to use and explain why we use activated charcoal and springtails in each of our terrariums.
We will then do a short demonstration showing the steps on how to create one and then it will be up to you to get your hands in there and start building!  Creating your very own terrarium to take home and watch grow!

What does a workshop include?

  • Glass vessel
  • Plants such as Fittonias, small ferns and cushion moss
  • Soil, gravel, activated charcoal, decorative stones
  • Use of special terrarium tools during the workshop
  • Care guide to take home


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