If your plant seems a bit unhappy then it may need a bit of help. It could be that it’s outgrown its home, it’s in need of a different spot or a prune is in order. You’ll be able to tell if your plant needs a larger pot by checking the bottom of the pot and looking to see if there are roots growing out of the drainage holes.  If so it might need a new and slightly larger pot.  Don’t pot into too big a pot and only pot on in the spring when the plant has started into growth after its winter rest period.

If the leaves are looking yellow this could be due to overly wet soil around the roots meaning the roots can’t breathe or if there is too little water the plant can’t take up essential nutrients from the soil.

If your plant is looking uneven in its growth it might be worth checking the light levels.  If light is only coming from one side in the room make sure that you rotate the plant every time you water it to encourage even growth.

Check on the leaves of your plants, and under them!, regularly.  Wipe them clean with a soft cloth to remove any dust that might be preventing enough light getting through to them.

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