This plant is the Swiss Cheese Plant coming straight out of the 1970s and making a huge comeback!  Its juvenile leaves are a beautiful dark glossy green heart shape but as they age they become perforated thus the Swiss Cheese name!

Sometimes a Monstera deliciosa is sold with its stems tied to a mossy pole as it can have a rather lax habit as it grows and might need some extra support.

It likes the compost to dry out at the surface before watering, reducing the amount of water it gets during the winter months.  It loves being misted every few days so it is nice to put it next to other plants that like a mist so they can all benefit together!

Feed the Monstera deliciosa a half-strength liquid fertilizer every month from spring to autumn and wipe the leaves regularly to remove dust.

Put it in a special place where it can receive filtered sun to light shade and keep it warm.

I sell the lovely Monstera deliciosa in a large pot that fits it perfectly and shows off its beautiful foliage, come and see it and me this week at the market!

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