The nickname for the Pilea peperomioides plant is the Missionary Plant or Chinese Money Plant.  It has perfectly round green leaves balanced on stems like spinning plates.

This is the ultimate ‘must have‘ house plant!  They sit happily in the corner of a room away from direct light not needing a lot of attention.  They like the occasional misting and prefer to have the top of the compost dry out before watering again.  In winter keep the compost just moist.

Feed every 2 weeks with a half-strength fertilizer from spring to autumn and that’s about it!

I have several sizes of Pilea peperomioides.  I propagate them in my greenhouse at home and so some are really small and are potted in terracotta pots and the larger ones are displayed in a variety of pots but look great in practically anything!

Come to my stall this week and I will have a variety of sizes to tempt you with!



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