This week the star plant is going to be Rhipsalis!  This plant grows in Central and South America and the Caribbean. They are classified as jungle cacti but unlike most cacti they do not live in arid conditions. They are found in rain forests living on trees  and normally received light that has been filtered through dense overhanging tree branches, so don’t keep them on a sunny windowsill, indirect light is better.

They have a trailing habit and love hanging over the edges of shelves or pots.

Rhipsalis baccifera is one of the most popular varieties and is more commonly known as Mistletoe Cactus. However most Rhipsalis have no needles and they don’t like full sun like most cacti species.

They don’t need a lot of water, usually once a week during the growing season which is from spring to autumn. During winter they should be watered less.  As a guide if you check the soil before watering pressing your finger to a depth of about an inch and if it feels moist don’t water!

They really are so easy to care for!

When feeding Rhipsalis less is better!  If you have bought a new plant don’t feed for 12 months. After that use a half strength fertilizer formulated for cacti.  Feed monthly only during spring and summer.

I try to stock lots of different types and sizes but if you know you are coming to the market and want a specific size or type email me and I’ll see what I can do…

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