What you need to know about owning a plant family…

From someone who has multiple plants in their house at any one time these are a few tips I have about how to care for them and get the most out of a variety of houseplants.

A lot of houseplants love being in a gang!

Placing a group of plants together who all have similar needs, for example humidity lovers, can help create a pocket of moisture for every plant in the group. Group plants that all like the same conditions whether it be a shady spot in the home or one that is out of a draught.

Grouping different varieties of plants with varying leaf colour, shape and size can make a lovely and interesting display in your home.

Houseplants bring the freshness of the outdoors inside and give you a mini garden you can tend to all year round. If you have a few plants together in one space put them on different levels by raising one or two up on a small stool, group them in odd numbers so that the display doesn’t look symmetrical.

Having your plants in a group helps to make caring for them a bit easier!  Try and make a weekly care routine by going round and checking all the plants over for nasty bugs like spider mite or mealy bugs.  If you find any you can treat them before they become too serious and at the same time regularly clean the leaves of your plants to remove dust that might stop them being able to photosynthesise efficiently.  I mix up a few drops of Neem oil with a drop of washing up liquid and wipe the leaves over with a soft cloth.  Neem oil can help to deter a bug infestation too!  As part of your care regime feel the soil to check if they need a water (remember in winter to reduce your watering!)  I have started using a moisture meter (these are readily available online) especially for trickier plants like Alocasias, to double check exactly how moist the soil is at the bottom of the compost in the pot, if it is moist – don’t water!

Short of space?

Really small ‘small and greens’ are very easy to manage and don’t need a lot of space too. Small greens can take up wall, windowsill, ceiling and desk space in all kinds of ways which means you can creatively fit your plants into whatever area you have available for them. In my online shop I have some small terrariums, cacti and hanging options.

If you have a specific question about your own plant family or you have a question about getting started with a selection of plants then please ask me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll get back to you.



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